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    Healthy skin is about having truthful ingredients and a daily skincare routine that produces beautiful results that feel good on your skin.





    Welcome to Kimella Farms Skincare, the place where ingredients are grown and skincare creations are formulated for you. We source our ingredients from local farms and botanical gardens, trusted suppliers and in some cases, we forage in the wild for special plants, herbs and flowers. At Kimella Farms, we believe in "truth in ingredients" so you can be confident that what you put on your skin feels good and is good for you. All of our products are at least 95% natural, and some 100%, and fragrance and essential oils are optional.


    Kimella Farms Skincare is a small batch producer with emphasis of providing a fresh product and getting it our customers quickly. We make many of our own ingredients, from plant and herbal infusions to floral water (hydrosols). There is always something infusing in the lab!


    We are always creating new formulations, looking for our next product to launch. Be a part of the "Test Lab," where new formulations are available on a very limited basis for fans on our mailing list! Just register above for free!


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    Hand Crafted Skincare Products

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    I've had a daily skin care regiment since I was a teenager. Every day. Every night. I never miss a chance to cleanse, moisturize and nourish my skin, your largest and most exposed organ to the environment. So, after 20 grueling years working in Silicon Valley, I decided to launch Kimella Farms Skincare for women seeking truth and transparency with the skincare products they buy. I am passionate about making skincare (lotions) and related facial products (potions) and love hearing your stories and feedback.


    "I'm living my dream and sharing my passion for creating and blending truthful exotic ingredients to make fresh, honest skincare products that will be all about you."



    Kim is a certified organic skincare formulator and graduate of Formula Botanica.


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    "Kimella Farms is so dreamy...love my body and face lotions. It makes me feel like I'm back in Hawaii every day"

    - Maria S.

    "I had a 20 minute video call with Kimella Farms and in just two weeks, I had custom made skincare products just for me. Bespoke lotions are amazing."

    - Sarah H.

    "Kimella Farms is creamy goodness made with fresh botanicals from Hawaii? Seriously, I'm in heaven!""

    - Sydney M.

    "Visiting Kimella Farms on the Big Island is part of my itinerary now. It's paradise and fun!"

    - Angie C.

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